We offer fresh roots of turmeric, ginger and galangal, seasonally at market. We grow sustainably, without any chemical garbage.

We also offer a variety of ginger products that we grow and make with other quality organic ingredients.

You can get these right here on this very site and have them mailed to your door or come get them at the Farmers market, or at one of the many awesome stores that carry our mighty fine wares.

  • Queen Georges-sliced ginger, turmeric, and black pepper in a lemon syrup

  • Queen Georges Trilogy- sliced ginger, turmeric and galangal in a lemon syrup

  • Queen Georges Ginger Syrup- a potent ginger and turmeric syrup for cocktails, marinades, dressings, everything- in 8 or 16oz

  • Ginger Turmeric Candy- delicious sliced candied ginger

  • The Tonic- a delicious sparkling Ginger Turmeric switchell- this one is only currently available at the market.

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